Ritaglia e spedisci

Dalla libreria, Il profumo di Suskind  "mi guardava", così l'ho preso in mano.  Nel 1997 per inviare feedback alla casa editrice bisognava:

  1. ritagliare lungo la linea tratteggiata
  2. spedire in una busta affrancata


This is Paris

All'Orangerie, dove sono ospitate le "Ninfee" di Monet, ho acquistato un capolavoro: "This is Paris", una guida alla città pensata per i bambini e illustrata da Sasek.

"He roughly sketches what he sees on a small white pad, adding detail after detail until he has a finished picture. All over the sketches he jots down notes on the colors of buses, the letters in signs, costumes of the people and even fire hydrants; the notes may be written in French, German, or Czechoslovakian, whichever language first comes into his mind. "Detail is very important to children," he commented. "If I paint 53 windows instead of 54 in a building, a deluge of letters pours in upon me! Children today know everything -- the world is much smaller"